28 January 2020   |  Share this article:

Worldcup Final in Las Vegas is coming closer!

After a week of rest, Niels was fully charged to chase after World Cup points in the Dutch capital Amsterdam last weekend. It was a successful mission because Niels and Gancia de Muze jumped to a nice 4th place in the World Cup on Sunday and so Niels seems to see his ticket for the final in Las Vegas come closer. Thanks to the 13 points earned in Amsterdam, he comes on a total of 43 points which should normally be enough to be there in April. But we want to be sure… 


Niels: “Normally I should have enough points, but to be sure we decided to change the planning of the following weeks a bit and try to go to Bordeaux in 2 weeks. I hope to be completely sure of my ticket there."


In Amsterdam, there was also the debut of  Luca Van ‘t Eigenlo on five-star level. They started great and immediately finished 9th in the 1m40 high opening class on Friday.

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